A Practice-Based Research Network Addressing Priority Health Issues

West Virginia Alliance for Creative Health Solutions

The West Virginia Alliance for Creative Health Solutions, or WVACHS, is a practice-based research network (PBRN) dedicated to addressing priority health disparities and health issues within the state. This group acknowledges the long-standing gap between research findings and research translation and application in primary care. This challenge is addressed through true grass-roots mobilization of partners and ideas into tangible, pragmatic research design, implementation, application, and dissemination.
Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research PBRN Designation at: https://pbrn.ahrq.gov/pbrn-registry/west-virginia-alliance-creative-health-solutions 
The WVACHS is an interdisciplinary group of clinicians, administrators, and researchers actively providing health care to underserved populations in West Virginia. Our initiatives span action-oriented research designed to improve health systems, including a deeper understanding of social determinants of health and how to address them. 

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